Normal Office Hours: Weekdays 8:00am - 5:00pm
Overtime: Weekdays 5:00pm - 9:00pm, Weekends 8:00am - 5:00pm
Double Time: Weekdays after 9:00pm, Weekends after 5:00pm

Plumbing Services $120.00
Drain Cleaning Services $120.00
Hydro-Jetter Truck/Trailer $280.00
Gas Powered $230.00
Electric $210.00
Camera Services $280.00
Utility Locates $290.00
Electric Thawing (waterlines) $155.00
Steam Thawing $185.00
Septic Pumping Residential $165.00
Septic Pumping Commercial $165.00
Grease Trap Cleaning $120.00
Pumping: Dirt and Rocks $180.00
Dirty Work Fee $125.00
Second Man $110.00
Chain Up Service Van $70.00
Pump Truck $85.00
Eagle River
Plumbing Service $125.00
Drain Cleaning Services $125.00
Peters Creek  (add $10 to E.R. price) $135.00
Travel Time outside of M.O.A. $100.00

*All rates are hourly and subject to change at any time.  There is a minimum 1 hour charge for all services, it does not mean that we are on the job for a full hour.  Anything over an hour will be an additional charge. Steam thawing is subject to a 2 hour minimum charge that may or may not be applied. Price information updated 4/24/08.
If you are having a PLUMBING EMERGENCY, call 907-929-5072 for fast service 24 hours a day!
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