Rooter Service:

Our snake machines can clean sewer lines up to 8" in diameter.  Generally if a residential drain line is clogged a snake machine will be used.

Hydrojet Cleaning:

A hydro jetter is a machine that uses high pressure water to clean sewer lines.  Typically a hydro jetter is used in a commercial application, on a septic system leech field, or when there is heavy grease buildup.  The hydro jetter can also be used to thaw frozen lines.  In addition to cleaning sewer lines, we have used our hydro jetters to clear water lines, electrical conduit, and even boring bits for drilling rigs.

Camera Services:

Cameras can be used in many different situations.  With the use of our cameras we can see the inside of virtually any line.  Cameras are used to visually inspect the inside of drain lines for structural problems.  The camera transmits a signal that allows our technicians to locate problems with precision. It is wise to have a sewer line located before digging deeper than 4 feet.  Our cameras are also used to perform sewer line locates.

Water and Sewer Line Thawing:

Water lines are thawed by using a special welder that heats the water line to thaw the ice.

Drain lines can be thawed using 1 of 3 methods.  If the drain line is inside of the house, many times a technician will use special equipment and extremely hot water to thaw the frozen drain line.  If the drain is frozen underground either a steam boiler or the hydro-jetter will be used.

Lift Stations:

From small residential lift stations to large commercial systems, we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment  to repair and maintain any lift station system.


If a problem is found, we have the equipment to dig it up and make the necessary repairs.  Whether the problem is with a sewer line or a water line; when a problem is found we have the ability to quickly repair the problem.

Hydro Excavation:

When you have to excavate around sensitive utilities like electrical lines, gas lines, or fiber optic cables, hydro excavation is the best way to remove the material.  With our equipment we can safely excavate areas where it would be too dangerous or too risky to excavate using the conventional method.

Custom Solutions:

If your project requires a customized solution, we have the knowledge, experience and the desire to meet your needs.  Contact us today to arrange an appointment, and we will be happy to discuss your project in detail.
If you are having a PLUMBING EMERGENCY, call 907-929-5072 for fast service 24 hours a day!
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